Battlefield Memorial Gateway

Battlefield Memorial Gateway Project

Clinton County, in upstate New York, has a long and rich military history that dates back to the birth of the nation and continues to this day. To commemorate this rich history, the Town of Plattsburgh has begun development of a prominent military/veteran park on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain on a site left vacant by the US Air Force. The Clinton County American Legion, consisting of all the American Legion Posts within the county, has partnered with the town to help guide the project dubbed: Battlefield Memorial Gateway.

Mountain Lake PBS video:

Our Vision

Preserve our heritage and recognize the sacrifices made by veterans on behalf of this great nation.

Why is this Important?

The proposed veterans park will serve multiple purposes. First, it will commemorate our involvement in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 through the design of the park. Secondly, it will provide a launching point for visiting Crab Island a short distance across Lake Champlain.Thirdly, we hope to design a park that becomes a destination for area visitors, tourists, school classes, and anyone interested in the rich history of the area.

Crab Island

Crab Island has a very unique history of its own. During the War of 1812, both American and British forces killed in battle were hastily buried in mass graves on the island. The location of the graves remain mostly a mystery today. Recognized by Congress in 1903, and again in 1908, as a place of history and honor, the island monument and flag pole fell on hard times and the area deteriorated. In 2001, the American Legion got involved when members of Post 1619 began work to restore the flag pole and conduct yearly visits to the island to honor the veterans lost during the War of 1812.

Long Term Plan

Once the Battlefield Memorial Gateway park is complete, we hope to drive a second phase of the project where some sort of publicly accessible boat transportation is available for visitors to make the short trip to Crab Island.